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Tis the Season to see Links Below! :)

There are so many holidays during this time of year. We celebrate, rejuvenate and try to be better for the next year. 2020 was something else!!!! It's December!!! Can you believe how long, weird, tragic, and rearranging this year has been for so many of us? What has remained constant is the community's commitment to Boosting Black Business and startup companies around the Chicagoland and the country.

As of 12/19/2020 at 11:59pm, we have raised $76,918!!!!! Collectively, we have raised OVER $76,000! Yes, $76,000 since July 20th. You trusted me with businesses to highlight and graciously backed me time and time again. This month we're going to celebrate the good and start anew next year.

This month, let's remember Chi-Fresh, The Laundry Cafe, Rose Cafe, Chicago South Side Birth Center and Awe-Sauce. Be proud and/or take a rewind and donate today if you missed the first go around. Some still have to make their goal. Thank you and Happy Holidays from Boosting Black Business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. The Laundry Cafe: (

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