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Rose Cafe

Mailing address: Rose Cafe 24 w 104th. Chicago Illinois 60628

Gofundme link:

SOUTH SIDE!!! WHERE YA AT??? Iesha Malone and Rebecca Silverman are the co-founders of Rose Cafe and their vision is creating a space where books are read and community is built. They intend to BE the behavior they want to see in the 60628 area code.

On top of being entrepreneurs, they are TEACHERS--elementary school teachers. That is the hardest job on either side of the Mississippi River! They work all day and then fundraise hard to build the space they need for this endeavor. From double dutch competitions to farmer’s markets, they are everywhere HUSTLING!

WTTW, just wrote yesterday, “Calling out “free books” to passersby, organizers of a book giveaway on the Far South Side distributed more than 1,200 books while garnering support for a larger project they hope will spark a transformation of the neighborhood.” Here's the article:

1200 books????? Boosting Black Business introduces ROSE CAFE to the family! Let’s get them #BOOSTED!

Visit their website and buy books from them instead of Amazon. They partner with Bookshop and they can get you what you need.

The Rose That Grew From Concrete

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