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The Laundry Cafe-Evanston

Updated: Nov 29, 2020


The Laundry Cafe will be more than just a laundromat. On average people spend 2 hours in a laundromat. Now, imagine washing your clothes, sitting in a comfortable chair or sofa, using free Wi-Fi and having a cup good cup of joe. An extra space for Yoga or meditation, book readings for children, and more family engagement. It will give such a mundane chore a special kind of vibe, that we all can enjoy.

The Laundry Cafe will be in Evanston's historically Black neighborhood. Many would consider that the 5th Ward, but we also know that includes so many places surrounding Evanston's historic Church and Dodge neighborhood. There will be a place for The Laundry Cafe to thrive in, and surround the community with love, livability, laughter and laundry.

They are striving to find the best location, the best ideas to surround the community's needs through entrepreneurship and innovation. These kinds of ideas take time, but time is on our side.

Diversity and inclusivity have been sold to people that have moved to the Evanston area. In the process, the Black community, that is the baseline to that story, has lost its footprint on its middle class status and now struggle to remain in our historic communities. We want to bring more Black businesses into the fold and build our legacy back to its rightful place. Thankfully we come from a community of many people that support this endeavor. We will get it done. 

The conversation of crime and violence, health disparities, educational gaps and so many more social ills cannot be discussed without economic development. Strong communities thrive when those within the community own the space, the land, and the businesses. It builds pride and loyalty to those within the community and that is beneficial to the entire world.

The Laundry Cafe is one business of many that has to happen for us as a society to have a real conversation about growth and doing better. Join The Laundry Cafe today in reaching their goal.


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