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Strawberry Wine for the times!

"Grandma use to make strawberry wine." Now Kat Direksyon Winery is committed to to making a variety of delicious, semi-sweet strawberry wines just for you just like grandma used to.

Marcus Hammonds is building on the legacy of his grandmother Sophie, through love, Haitian influences and culture. He is ready to bring his strawberry wines to the Southside of Chicago and around the world. The name Kat Direksyon is derived from Haitian Creole (Four Directions) and commemorates Chicago's Haitian founder Jean Baptiste Pointe DuSable. Let's help get Marcus and Kat Direksyon pointed to all directions of success.

Coming soon to Chicago's South Shore will be the Prentan (Strawberry Golden Nugget Mandarin), the Loton (Strawberry, Cranberry and Cherry), the Kanaval (Strawberry-Sorrel) and the Dous (Sparkling Strawberry)... there's a wine for every season.

Let's Boost!!!!

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