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Hey BBB, we have a new mission!!!!

BBB family, our mission is far from over!!! We’re moving on to THE AUX. The Aux is a commercial hub dedicated to healing, wellness and racial equity. Why are you being invited to rally with us? You’re being invited because you’ve supported and come along on this journey for 9 businesses throughout Chicagoland and we need to turn 9 into a perfect 10! You’ve helped raise over $110,000 for small business… Black owned small business to be exact. You have helped changed the culture, now let’s support the home that will continue to cultivate what we started. These 9 businesses are unique and special in so many ways and we want to push a little further!!!

Now imagine this: You have an old 16,000 sq foot building, that sits empty and smells like the vegetables that they used to wash inside there. You rally the support of your community, they spread the word, donate time and money, support the culture shift and don't stop pushing until the doors open.

Then one day (in the future)...

You’re washing clothes and drinking Badge Brew Coffee in The Laundry Café, Rose Café with a book club, wine tasting at a popup shop with Kat Direksyon, eating Herby Pop with Awe-Sauce on the shelves. The brilliant minds from Kingsway Prep are visiting with their families and looking up to see ChiFresh on TV doing great things across the city. The Chicago Southside Birth Center is doing an informational class on birthing and the benefits of having a Doula. Imagine community having a place to feel safe and see their work and support come true. I can almost smell it like an awesome spring day!

In addition to the 9 great companies you supported, you’ll also be supporting so many others: Well Beings Chicago, Sunshine Enterprises (A small business academy), Embrace Your Crown (hair, beauty and beard services), Chef Q’s kitchen, 4 Suns Fresh Juice, The Growing Season, and so many more pop ups and community events. Let's make this home!!!

This is bigger than us and there are so many more ways to help. You can spread the word, donate to The Aux's fiscal agent, The Growing Season (tax deductible at, help with philanthropy, and there will even be an equity piece on how you can be an owner of The Aux too (more to come on that in the future!!!).

So much to do and we have a year to keep pushing. Only one project this year, but the biggest one yet. Let’s push for the next year to get it done! Here at BBB, we make things happen and nothing has stopped us thus far (except algorithms… they are the devil, I'm convinced).



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