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Herby PoP!!!! #doyourselfaflavor

The Other Chicago Popcorn!!!! Join us in Booting Herby Pop!

This isn't your average popcorn and these aren't your average people. The joy, enthusiasm and pride shine through! Herby PoP is "creating a healthy delicious life-- one bag at a time!!! Tossing hand-crafted organic herbed popcorn in artisan flavors. Connection you to global cultures--one flavor at a time"

Wait until you see what popcorn flavors they have to offer from all over the world. YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE IT. You can even pay in Bitcoin!!!!

"Do yourself a flavor and #travelbymouth with us. Nature's finest herbs from around the globe+organic popcorn popped to crisp perfection+cold-pressed virgin olive oil equals a deliciously "good for you" crunch with every bite."

Mellini and Brodie junior are a super couple with 6 children. What's even more impressive is that they have home schooled for 20 years and still smiling!!! :)

Join them:

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