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Updated: Dec 20, 2020

It's one thing to request the hot sauce at the table wherever you go and it's another thing to MAKE the hot sauce for the table. This handcrafted hot sauce is made with pure love by Verzell James who currently resides in Evanston, IL, by way of Harvey. It started with a lawnmower or better yet, the unwillingness to carry the lawnmower up and down stairs to mow a patch of grass that wasn't worth the hassle. Instead, he decided to grow a garden.

From that garden, there are now so many flavors of hot sauces to bring the heat with the sweet or the caliente with your al dente. It's all up to you!! There are so many flavors including Helliente Habanero, Yellow Fire, Mean & Green, Dree Peppa, Chocolata Lava, Caribbean Sting, Mixtec Mexajun and EYEGOTCHA. Eyegotcha is the rival to Siracha! I'll have some please. :) They are soon to be sold locally in the north suburbs of Chicago and hopefully with your help, local big box stores (excuse me Whole Foods, Trader Joes anyone??) and then nationally.

What makes Awe-Sauce special to us and our community? Verzell not only shows love for his craft with his hands (including bottling and labeling) and fermented peppers, but also hires our youth to work with him on this endeavor. The Awe-Sauce crew has teamed with Evanston Township High School’s Transitional Student department and the City of Evanston Mayor’s Summer Youth Work Program to provide a summer job for an ETHS student. The goal is to teach these kids every aspect of the Awe-Sauce production process, with the hopes of hiring them full-time.

In addition to building our youth, Awe-Sauce will give back $2 from their bundle packages to Family Focus Evanston. Family Focus, Inc offers innovative, community-based programs that help parents, grandparents, and foster and adoptive parents, gain confidence and competence as the primary educators of their children. We love that!!

Awe-Sauce is community. Let's support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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