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Boosting Black Business was created to assist Black-owned startup companies with active crowd funding pages reach their goal. There is indeed a more detailed or intricate way to fund Black business through grants, loans etc. in our communities and that too should be done, but this is about what each one of us can do right now.

It's this easy:


  1. Each month a Black-owned startup company will be highlighted (Facebook, Instagram and on this site).

  2. A link to that company's crowdfunding site will be posted for you to donate and share.

  3. You donate a minimum of $20 to their active campaign to support boosting their business.

  4. If you can't afford to donate, share the good news and get others involved.

  5. Watch and pray these businesses get funded and then continue to flourish for the benefit of all communities. 


Funds will go directly to those various crowdfunding pages. We will never solicit or condone money being sent directly to an individual as part of our efforts! Each business will have a mailing address for their specific entity.  

What else is to be expected: 

  • Again, this group will focus on Black startup companies! 

  • Each company will be vetted to the best of our abilities and they will also have business crowdfunding pages that require additional information beyond a personal crowdfunding request, such as EIN numbers, business banking accounts, copies of ID's etc for those accounts to stay active with the crowdfunding page.

  • The businesses featured will have a short video that will be shared with everyone to get to know who they are, what their business goals are, and how we can help. 

Our goal will be to get them to their goal. If they need $50,000 or $200,000, we will do our part to try and get it funded with a minimum of $20 (more is always good and less has been given too).


The more people on board, the better! We were able to raise $8,000 in 24 hrs with our first highlighted business. That campaign started July 20th 2020 and by July 29th 2020, we were close to $13,000.

For the next 12 months, we will attempt to fund 12, already chosen Black-owned businesses. A new business will be highlighted on the 20th of each month.This is small change, but it is change!!!! These companies can become the next big thing and pay it forward and that becomes the gift that keeps on giving.

Please note: Boosting Black Business is done on a volunteer basis to highlight Black businesses owned, and soon to be operated by people we don't know, but will indeed come to love. Let's get it!!  #THENEWBBB 

It doesn't matter where you live in the world, who you are, how you identify, or what your resources are. Your $20 minimum per month goes directly to the crowdfunding page of the selected business of the month. -D.Copeland



  1. Closes the racial wealth gap

  2. Strengthens local economies

  3. Fosters job creation

  4. Celebrates Black culture and serves communities

  5. Holds other companies accountable

  6. Visibility and representation in the Green economy

Black businesses bring pride to our  communities.

Our children will be safer because of it.

We believe that everyone can stand behind a great cause and make it happen. We are the change we desire. We
can define our own future, and can change the world.

Our Goal

Our goal is to change communities one Black business at a time. Flourishing Black businesses give positive images of ourselves that the whole world needs to see as the norm. Systemic racism has been in every part of our society (schools, housing, banking, healthcare and beyond). It changes the economy and that influences how we live. We must be the change that we want... collectively!

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is to use a practical approach to help Black startup companies get to their crowdfunding goal, bypass some of the red tape and find the motivation from the community to succeed. Money is power and we must obtain wealth to sustain healthy communities. Wealth is essential to our safety, health, education and thriving communities.


Symbolic gestures are important to our culture and seeing communities come together to fight for the rights of all people is extremely important. With that said, we also envision that in addition to symbolic gestures, we help sustain and build our neighborhoods with an economic shift. Money, time and effort is the key to that. 


Black Business Needs Your Support Today!

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